Guidelines for Defending Your Identification Online

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1. Community Wi-Fi is Dangerous.

First, know this: NOTHING is safe on a public Wi-Fi system. This means anything that you do online at A coffee house, the airport or at your accommodation can be intercepted by online hackers with comparative convenience. Second, only do what you would not mind having someone else see. Starting an Email from grandmother should be fine, probably surfing around the web too, but anything that requires a login name, financial data, individual details, or a data is a big red banner and best left for a properly secured private system. Windows Windows vista and 7 now display a warning message if you get connected to an unsecured system, but for Windows XP and Mac OS X, you can tell if a system is properly secured by the little 'lock' symbol next to the system name when linking.

2. Secure your Personal Information.

Protect your identification on Facebook or myspace. Most online hackers, thieves, public technical engineers, investigators and lawyers visit internet sites such as Facebook or myspace first for free details about you. By standard many information show your birthday, city, state, and images to anyone on the globe. To modify this on Facebook or myspace, click on Consideration > Comfort Configurations > Information Information and modify anything you do want the globe to know, from "Everyone" to "Only Friends" or "Only Me." One report told the tale of a lady who published where she was going for dinner and one of her "Friends" on Facebook or myspace scammed out her home while she and her husband were gone.

3. 1234 Passwords

Secure your Consideration details. This cannot be burdened enough. The scariest thing someone can do is select the "Remember Password" button on their web browser. Doing so beats the purpose of a data completely. There are many video clips on the web that illustrate the convenience of taking passwords from internet explorer. If you use this feature, anyone who profits entry to your pc can then accessibility your bank account, Facebook or myspace page, or any other data secured pages, which may contain delicate individual details. Rather than putting your passwords on a Post-It or a directory on your pc, get a finger print reader or data financial institution tool.


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